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Symbolism of apples

In my drawings, I often use the symbolism of apples- the figures either hold them, or they are somewhere in the background, on chairs, tables, etc., and I often get asked: why apples? As my practice is very much connected with my personal story, using apples as symbolism came to me naturally. In my home country, Poland, apple trees are very common and you can see them even in the cities (like in the rest of central Europe). As a child, I spent a lot of time in the countryside where there was an abandoned, wild orchard near my grandparent’s house. During my walks with my grandfather we would pick up some apples from the ground and they were some of the most delicious apples I’ve ever had. Memories of these moments are some of the most precious and fondest I have, and I often come back to them. Apple trees usually quickly adapt to the environment, and this simple, common fruit gained such a rich symbolism throughout history.

For me, apples are partially these fond memories that I carry in my heart, but I use their symbolism intuitively. My drawing process is mostly guided by my feelings, inner experiences, and intuition rather than a tailored plan, and it aims to show human experiences.

Although my drawings are inspired by my feelings, I hope to reach for something beyond that, and present universal stories, so that anyone can connect with my works emotionally.

Detail of I've been looking for someone to share my light; Charcoal on paper 90x65cm, 2021

Detail of I weave silence in my hair II; Charcoal on paper 76x56cm, 2021

Detail of The only thing I grieve are these May nights; Charcoal on paper 100x70cm, 2022

Detail of Can I make your heart my home?; Charcoal on paper 100x90cm, 2022

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